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Our History
1989 - 1994 Highlights


  • The incorporators appoint the first board members.

  • Penny Wasserman, Ph.D., is hired as director of the Alliance.

  • The Alliance is incorporated on July 20, 1989.

  • Penny Wasserman resigns as director.  Blakely Bundy is hired in August.

  • The board chooses the Alliance's logo, a child's silhouette, which was designed by Barbara Plochman.

  • A mailing is sent in November to every household in Winnetka.  Board members stuff the 6,000 envelopes by hand. It took over a week! 

  • Original member organizations:

Family Services of Winnetka-Northfield
Harkness House for Children
North Shore Country Day School
Willow Wood Pre-School
Winnetka Clergy
Winnetka Community Nursery School
Winnetka Public School Nursery
Winnetka Public Schools
Winnetka Public Schools PTA


  • The first issue of The Winnetka Alliance for Early Childhood Newsletter is published in January, 1990. The winter and spring issues of the Newsletter are sent to every household in Winnetka.

  • First parenting courses: Clare Grossman teaches "The Pleasures and Practicalities of the First Three Years" and Nina Chaitin leads "Three Challenges of Parenting: Limit Setting, Sibling Rivalry and Peer Relationships."
  • The video library opens.  Our 12 tape collection is housed at Box Office Video,  Winnetka.  Three more tapes are added during the year.

  • The board writes the Alliance's mission statement in November.

  • New member organizations:

  • Irene Josselyn Clinic (later Josselyn Center for Mental Health)
    Sacred Heart School
    Winnetka Community House


  • Parenting courses: 1) "Three Challenges of Parenting: Limit Setting, Sibling Rivalry and Peer Relationships," 2) "For Moms Only!" 3) "Love is Better the Third Time Around: A Consideration of Grandparenting in the '90s,"  and "Off to a Good Start: Raising Your Infant and Toddler in Today's World".

  • Our cable show premieres in February. The Alliance produces 12 shows, which are broadcast on the New Trier Lyceum Channel.

  • Our video library collection grows to 31 tapes.

  • Our first Networking Event, featuring Vivian Paley at the Winnetka Community House, is a smashing success.  Over 140 Winnetka early childhood professionals attend.  Admission is free. 

  • The Alliance is awarded an honorable mention in the Illinois State Board of Education Search for Exemplary Practices in Early Childhood Education.


  • The newsletter is now produced on desktop publishing at a significant reduction in cost.

  • Courses for parents and professionals: 1) "Mother, Father, Parent: Keeping the Roles Straight and the Rules Clear,"  2) "American Heart Association's Infant/Child CPR and First Aid," 3) "For Moms Only!" and "Teachers' Forum."

  • Our video library grows to 39 tapes.

  • The format of the Networking Event is changed from a dessert buffet to an hors d'oeuvre buffet.  We charge $10 per person.

  • We hold our first Networking Breakfast.  Eleven Winnetka principals and directors attend.

  • The Alliance begins to serve as an advocate for children by 1) encouraging the Caucus to include a question about the need for an indoor playground on their questionnaire, 2) agreeing to work with North Shore Early Childhood Council to develop a general policy on AIDS, and 3) Participating in a United Way meeting on the need for child care.

  • Our first fund-raising mailing is sent to all subscribers.  The Dartnell Foundation offers to match up to $4,000 of new money raised in 1992.

  • The location of board meetings is now rotated among member organizations.

  • Our first board retreat is held in January.  Four working committees are formed: Communications, Resources, Advocacy and Assessment.

  • New member organization: Saints Faith, Hope and Charity School


  • Courses and seminars for parents and professionals: 1) "For Moms Only!" 2)"Managing Work and Family: The Challenge," 3) "Infant-Child CPR and First Aid," and 4) "HIV, AIDS and Infectious Diseases: Their Effects on Our Children and Their Schools."

  • Our video library grows to include 43 tapes.

  • We produce two new programs for our cable TV show,  Feltboard Fun for Children and Feltboard Festival: Using the Feltboard in the Early Childhood Classroom.

  • Ten local businesses sponsor the spring issue of the Newsletter.  Ten to 12 sponsors are sought for each issue at $50 per sponsor.

  • The Alliance conducts a survey on the need for before- and after-school child care housed in the Winnetka Public Schools.  The results indicate significant interest, so the Winnetka School Board asks the Alliance to convene a task force.

  • The Alliance expands to include Northfield.

  • New member organizations:

    Middlefork School
    Northfield Community Nursery School
    Winnetka Park District
    Winnetka Public Schools Board of Education


  • Beginning with the Winter 1994 issue, Winnetka residents no longer will receive the newsletter for free.  We hold our first subscription phone-a-thon in January.

  • When Box Office Video closes its doors, our video library finds a new home at Movieland Video, Northfield.  Number of videotapes is 48.

  • The McGruff House Program begins.  Over 80 homes in Winnetka display McGruff signs. 

  • A pilot before- and after-school child care program opens its doors at Crow Island School in April.  Based on its success, the school board approves before- and after-school child care programs at both Crow Island and Hubbard Woods, which begin in September.

  • Our TV Tune Out project is launched with the distribution of Dr. Jeanne Beckman's article, "Power Rangers: Not for Young Children!" throughout our member organizations and in our fall mailing.

  • The Alliance co-sponsors Dr. Stanley Turecki's talk "How to Respond When Kids Challenge the Limits" with The Parents Resource Network, Pioneer Press, and others.  Over 1,000 attend at Niles North High School.

  • We celebrate the Alliance's Fifth Anniversary with a dinner at Indian Hill Club.  Don Monroe is the featured speaker.

  • New member organizations: Music Center of the North Shore (later the Music Institute of Chicago) and PACT.