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Our History
1995 - 1999 Highlights


  • The Alliance sponsors the TV Tune Out from Feb. 2-8.  Fourteen schools in Winnetka and Northfield participate.  Twenty-five merchants and organizations provide alternative activities in the community during the week for children wearing their TV Tune Out buttons.  Over 3,200 children participate.

  • At our second annual phoneathon in March, we target families with young children enrolled in our member organizations.  We make almost 200 phone calls resulting in 33 new subscriptions.

  • In an effort to reach new families moving into Winnetka and Northfield, we begin distributing packets through the real estate brokers.  The packets include brochures from all the schools in Winnetka and Northfield, school registration information and a cover letter and brochure from the Alliance.

  • Our video library currently has 53 tapes on parenting, child development and early childhood education.

  • New member organization: St. Philip the Apostle School.
  • The Alliance sponsors its second annual TV Tune Out from Feb. 1-7.  Fourteen schools and approximately 3,500 children in Winnetka and Northfield participate.  Thirty-three merchants and organizations provide alternative activities throughout the community.  Ten banks and local businesses become our sponsors (minimum donation: $100). The Tune Out receives a lot of favorable publicity. Syndicated columnist Bob Greene writes an entire column about the Tune Out. CNN does a high-quality report on us.

  • The Newsletter is published four times a year and remains at the heart of the Alliance.  Currently, we have nearly 800 subscribers.

  • We co-sponsor three speakers during the year: Vivian Paley in January and David Elkind in June with the Winnetka Public Schools and Fred Gosman in October with The Parents Resource Network. Barbara Bowman speaks at our sixth annual Networking Event in February.

  • We continue to offer our very successful Infant-Child CPR classes in the fall.  We begin offering an American Red Cross Babysitting Class for junior high students.

  • The video library contains 62 videotapes on parenting and child development. Our videos were borrowed 520 times from June, 1995 to November, 1996, and 1,205 times since we moved to Movieland Video in May, 1994.

  • Board restructuring and development is a high priority this year. The board now consists of 38 active members, both school representatives and at-large members, who attend most meetings and serve on at least one committee.  Advisory members are asked to attend the Annual Meeting and help the Alliance in other ways.  Some organizations are represented on the Alliance by advisory board members.  We create a new category--Sustainer. These individuals are unable to actively participate, but want to remain connected to the Alliance.  Sustainers contribute a minimum of $100 per year.

  • Current committees include: Communications, Development, Executive, Grandparents, Long Range Planning, Networking, Safety, TV Tune Out Steering and TV Tune Out School Rep.

  • New member organizations: Avoca West School and Winnetka Before- and After-School Program.
  • The Alliance sponsors its third annual TV Tune Out Week from February 6-12.  Over 4,000 children from 18 schools participate.  All of the week's events are listed in the TV Tune Out Guide, which is distributed to all participants along with TV Tune Out buttons.  The Guide also contains ideas for families to do at home when the TV is off.  Twenty-one community sponsors, whose names appear in the Guide, underwrite the cost of the Tune Out with gifts totaling about $5,000.

  • The seventh annual Networking Event in January features Lucinda Lee Katz.  Changes in the format for the evening include assigning seats, based on topic of interest, and serving soup.

  • The Newsletter continues have over 800 subscribers.

  • The Communications Committee produces a new brochure.

  • The Long Range Planning Committee, led by Marcia Adelman, continues the work begun in 1996.  Marcia interviews the principals and directors of 32 key schools and organizations in Winnetka and Northfield.

  • We continue to offer well-attended programs. We co-sponsor, with The Parents Resource Network, a talk by "Dr. Mom,"  Marianne Neifert, M.D., in May and by Kay Willis in October.  We are event partners with Erikson Institute for a program on children and television, held at Ravinia in September.  Our  Infant-Child CPR classes in the fall and our American Red Cross Babysitting classes in June and  November are always fully enrolled.

  • Our video library continues to grow.  We currently have 68 videotapes.  The collection is housed at Movieland Video in Northfield.  Since its inception in May, 1994, our videos have been rented 1,569 times or 364 times in the last year.

  • We are exploring how to serve the 8-12 age group, through our Middle Years  committee.  Other committees include: Communications, Development, Executive, Grandparents, Long Range Planning,  Networking, Safety, TV Tune Out Steering and TV Tune Out School Rep.

  • We have streamlined the functioning of our board, which currently has 36 members. Our advisory board numbers 19 and we have six sustainers.

  • New member organizations: Winnetka Chamber of Commerce and Winnetka-Northfield Public Library.
  • In the future, the Alliance's Annual Meeting will be held in the spring instead of in December.  In the past, annual reports covered the calendar year.  To make the transition, this report covers the first six months of 1998.  In future years, annual reports will cover the period from July 1-June 30.

  • Lucinda Lee Katz returns for the second year as speaker for our eighth annual Networking Event.  Her topic is: "Avoiding the Clutches of Time and Stress: Affirming, Balancing and Centering Our Lives."  Over 120 early childhood professionals attend.

  • The Alliance sponsors its fourth annual TV Tune Out from Feb. 5-11.  Over 4,500 children from 23 schools in and around Winnetka and Northfield participate.  Forty-seven merchants and organizations host alternative activities throughout the week.  Community service opportunities are again popular.  The theme this year is: "The TV's Off.  Try Something New." The Alliance sponsors a poster contest, won by  six-year-old Emily Gavin of Greeley.

  • In April, we co-sponsor a lecture by Barbara Coloroso with The Parents Resource Network. The topic is "Winning at Parenting...Even on Bad Days."  Over 600 people attend.

  • In Phase II of our Long Range Planning effort, we hold two focus groups, one for parents of preschoolers and one for parents of early elementary school children. They are facilitated by Robert Mardirosian and Janice Wiley of Family Service of Winnetka-Northfield.  As we find it impossible to gather a group of parents of very young children, we conduct interviews over the phone for this population.

  • Barbara Plochman hosts a luncheon in June for the new "Friends of the Alliance," which targets grandparents.

  • Current committees: Communications, Development, Executive, Grandparents,  Middle Years, Networking, Safety, Long Range Planning, TV Tune Out Steering and TV Tune Out School Representatives.
  • Our newly designed newsletter, renamed "Early Childhood," is launched with the Fall 1998 issue.  We also raise the price of subscriptions to $15 for one year; $25 for two years; and $35 for three years. We  currently have over 900 subscribers.

  • Along with the new newsletter, the Alliance is gradually adopting the redesigned logo.

  • In November, we co-sponsor a talk by Dr. Burton White, an infant-toddler expert from Harvard University, with The Parents Resource Network.  His topic is "How to Give Your Child a Wonderful Start in Life" and over 350 people fill Washburne  Little Theatre.

  • Other classes and courses this year: American Heart Association Infant-Child First Aid and CPR (for  parents); Red Cross Infant-Child First Aid and CPR (for teachers); American Red Cross Babysitting class (for junior high students); "Easing the Teasing: How Parents Can Help Their Children Cope" (for parents of elementary school students).

  • Our new website is launched in January (

  • Bill Ayers of the University of Illinois-Chicago draws a crowd of over 120 teachers, administrators and other early childhood  professionals at our Annual Networking Event in January.

  • Over 6,000 children in 31 schools in and around Winnetka and Northfield participate in the fifth annual TV Tune Out.  Community service opportunities continue to be a favorite activity during the week.

  • In February, we learn that Movieland Video, which has housed our video library for the last five years, is closing its doors.

  • In April, we convene a "Preschool Summit" meeting with the directors of the four Winnetka preschools and Becky van der Bogert to discuss common issues, such as transition to kindergarten, the future status of junior kindergarten and predicting future school enrollment.

  • We celebrate the Alliance's tenth anniversary with a gala dinner at Indian Hill Club.  We honor Don Monroe and Catherine Reichelderfer, making them board members emeritus.