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Our History
2006 - 2007 Highlights

  • Early Childhood, our 16-page newsletter, was distributed to over 4,500 in October and April.  Families in our 20 member and four associate member schools receive the newsletter free of charge through their schools.  We also mail copies to a small subscription base of approximately 300.  Articles are posted on the website after publication. Looking for a wider audience, we distributed 200 copies in the gift bags at the annual Winnetka Chamber of Commerce luncheon in May and also provided copies of the spring/summer issue for doctor’s offices and real estate agents.

  • The Alliance website continues to expand, featuring a wealth of information about local resources for parents and teachers of young children, articles from our newsletter, calendar information, and a password-protected board section.  We average between a low of 111 individual visitors per day in August 2006 to a high of 208 visitors in May 2007. Visitors come from the U.S. and all over the world, including the U.K., Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, and Singapore.

  • Our Program Committee, chaired by Val Maniscalco, arranged to bring back two previously successful speakers. Both were evening programs, held in Skokie School’s Community Room. The fall program, on Mon., Nov. 6, featured Barbara Monier on the topic of “Understanding and Managing Your Child’s Difficult Behavior.” There were 20 participants. The cost was $10 per person/$15 per couple.  The spring program, on Wed. Apr. 11, featured Janet Penley (author of MotherStyles) speaking on “Parenting Styles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths.” Twenty participants were charged $20 per person.

  • Michelle Liu, R.N. continues to fill classes for junior high students taking the American Red Cross Babysitting Course. There were two classes in October and two more in June. All classes have 10 students.
  • On January 18, the 17th Annual Networking Event was held at the Winnetka Women’s Club, chaired by Kathy Hardy and Jami McCormack for Program and Sandy Johnson and Sara Sullivan for Arrangements.  Over 150 attended—our largest ever. The event was successfully moved to this new venue after we had outgrown the Winnetka Community House. For the fourth year, educators receiving Teacher Tributes were featured in a Power Point presentation before the program. Our speaker was Dr. Don Monroe, former superintendent of the Winnetka Public Schools and former head of Francis Parker School.  His topic was: “Standing Up for Children: The Role of Teachers as Advocates for Young Children and Families.”
  • The 13th Annual TV Tune Out Week was held from Sunday, March 4 to Saturday, March 10.  This was the second year that it was successfully held in  early March. Over 5,500 children in 25 schools in and around Winnetka, Northfield and Kenilworth participated. The theme was “TV Tune Out: Make Your Own Magic!” The Kick Off event, held in the gym of the Winnetka Bible Church, was the Jessie White Tumblers, with 430 attending. The Grand Finale was Popeye and Swee’Pea, held at Washburne Little Theater, with 171 attending.  For the second year, we displayed a bright red TV Tune Out sign in Winnetka’s kiosk. Our seven banners were again displayed on Winnetka light posts and our wooden sign was placed on Willow Rd. in Northfield. Our PR was especially visible this year, with the cover of the Winnetka Talk plus several stories and photos both before and after Tune Out. This year, we divided the chairmanship of Tune Out into three distinct parts. Angie Campolo chaired the Guide; Dale Wyant chaired publicity; and Melissa David chaired the events.
  • We continue to publicize the Alliance through our column in the School Digest section Winnetka Talk, with topics ranging from parenting classes to the names of those receiving Teacher Tributes.

  • District 36 kindergarten teachers and Curriculum Coordinator Julie Pfeffer met in January with the directors of seven “feeder” preschools to discuss common interests and facilitate communication and sharing of information throughout the year. This year, for the first time, we also invited kindergarten teachers from the private and parochial schools, as well as from Middlefork and Sears. The meeting was held at Willow Wood Preschool.
  • Two meetings were again held in April for parents of incoming kindergarten students and others new to District 36. Superintendent Becky van der Bogert introduced the Winnetka Public Schools' educational philosophy and history. While only five parents attended the daytime meeting, the evening meeting attracted 25 parents. Incoming Superintendent Mary Herrmann was present at both meetings.
  • Robin Magnusson led an effort to re-evaluate our video library. The tapes were removed from their long-time home at The Book Stall while we decide on next steps.  
  • Summer Book and Toy Fair, chaired by Dale Wyant, was held on Thursday, May 11. Many board members signed up to staff our table at The Book Stall throughout the day.  Several books were purchased for the Pat Wroclawski Collection at the library. The Book Stall sent a check for over $700.  We are waiting for the results from the Village Toy Shop.
  • This is the fifth year of our very successful Teacher Tribute program, as part of the Annual Fund campaign. In May, we sent out over 3,000 annual appeal letters. Approximately 1,650 contained personal notes, written by 37 board and advisory board members.
  • Financial Report
    • The Annual Appeal Campaign for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2006, took in a record $30,910, which accounted for 45% of the Alliance’s annual operating revenues.  So far, for the year ending September 30, 2007, we have received donations of $20,482, up significantly from where we were at the same point last year. 

    • TV Tune Out 2007 is expected to take in revenues of $20,780, down just slightly from TV Tune Out 2006’s record of $21,270.  TV Tune Out 2007 should generate a net profit of approximately $12,700, again down slightly from 2006’s record profit of $13,215, but exceeding the net profit from TV Tune Out 2005 by more than $3,500.

    • The cost of printing and distributing our newsletter, Early Childhood, free of charge to the families of our member organizations this year was $6,090, up from $5,560 last year.  Newsletter revenues were up dramatically, from $4,870 last year to $9,820 this year.  Thanks to the hard work of Cindy Brady, sponsorship income more than doubled, from $4,190 last year to $8,560 this year.  Associate member dues added another $700 in revenues.  Subscription income remained constant at approximately $550.  As a result, the newsletter will generate a profit this year of $3,720, compared to a loss last year of $700.

    • The balance in the Alliance’s Endowment Fund at May 15, 2007, was $117,889.17, up about $4,500 from last year.

    • The balance in the Pat Wroclawski Memorial Fund at May 15, 2007, was $3,744.72.  We have collected additional revenues over the past year of $2,840 (for a grand total of $6,420). We have paid out $1,925 to fund book purchases for the Wroclawski memorial collection at the Winnetka Public Library.  Funds have also been used to print a collection of Pat’s columns written for Early Childhood.  These books have been offered for sale, with all proceeds going back to the Memorial Fund.
  • We had seven members of our Partnership Program, now in its fifth year, including: Ariel, Dr. Jeanne Beckman, Hines Lumber, The Hudson Company, Land Rover Winnetka, North Shore Country Day Summer Camps, and Panera Bread.   
  • Current Committees: Communications, Fund Raising/Development, Fund, Executive, Networking, Preschool Fair, Program, Transition to Kindergarten, TV Tune Out Steering, and Video Library.        
  • New Member Organization: Ronald Knox Montessori and Rose Hall School, both in Wilmette, joined as Associate Members this year.  The Alliance currently has 36 member organizations, including 20 schools, and four Associate Members.