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AreYou Interested in Joining the Alliance's Board of Directors?


Are You Interested in Joining the Board of Directors

of The Alliance for Early Childhood?

The Alliance board brings together parents, grandparents, and early childhood professionals who are interested in finding ways to effectively promote the healthy growth and development of children from birth to age eight.

There are two categories of membership - School Representatives and At Large Members - both important to the effective functioning of the Board.

Responsibilities of an At Large member include:

  • Attending seven board meetings during the year (usually on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:15 am (but not in December or during the summer) where you’ll learn what all Alliance committees are doing and meet with other board members.
  • Actively participate in the work of the board by: 1) chairing a committee; 2) serving on the ScreenBreak Committee; 3) serving on two smaller committees (Program, Roundtables, Transition to Kindergarten, etc.) or 4) serving as an officer of the board.
  • Support Alliance fundraising efforts by: contributing to The Alliance, as you are able; participating in the Annual Campaign by personalizing letters to school families; and contributing annual board dues ($75 covers the cost of the Networking Dinner, the Annual Meeting Luncheon, and miscellaneous board costs).

Responsibilities of a School Representative include the three areas above as well as:

  • Provide ongoing communication between your school/organization and The Alliance by:

    • Attending seven board meetings during the year (the third Tuesday of the month at 9:15 am (but not in December or during the summer)
    • Taking information back to your school/organization by posting flyers for Alliance events;
    • Monitoring your school’s online publications to be sure that Alliance events are publicized;
    • Gathering emails from interested parents and educators to receive occasional communication from The Alliance about our programs and services;
    • Promptly distributing ScreenBreak materials and copies of our twice-a-year newsletter, Early Childhood.

Being a Board member is a lot of fun! Highlighted below are six key benefits that Board members will hopefully gain from their work on The Alliance Board:

  1. A thorough knowledge about The Alliance and its many services, as well as a deep fondness for the organization.
  2. An opportunity to work with a group of dedicated parents, grandparents, and early childhood professionals to promote the healthy growth and development of young children in our community.
  3. A rich exposure to current ideas and trends in early childhood development and education from the local, national, and even international perspective, which many find valuable in raising their own children.
  4. An expanded contact network, reaching across multiple schools, communities, and community organizations.
  5. The opportunity to help shape and direct The Alliance. While some boards are primarily for fundraising, The Alliance board actually develops new programs and services and determines the direction of the organization.
  6. For School Reps, a greater knowledge about your own school or organization.

For more information about joining the Board of The Alliance for Early Childhood, contact Liza Sullivan at 847-441-9001 or email: