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The Wonders of Play
Joan Almon (2011)

Choosing Toys of Value
TRUCE (2009)

Playing to Learn
David Elkind, Ph.D (2009)

Throw the Kids in the Backyard
Marlene F. Byrne (2010)

Don't Stay Inside-Grow Outdoors: The Kohl Children's Museum's New Outdoor Exhibit
Kate Rodbro (2008)

Neighborhood Parks Serve the Needs of Both Kids and Moms
Jennifer McManus (2007)

How Come He's Always in the Blocks?" Block Play in the Classroom
Judy Ward, M.A.T. (1994)

Winnetka Community Nursery School Build a Playground
Kathy Hardy, M.Ed. (2005)

How to Plan Playdates: 15 Strategies for Fun and Successful Kids' Get-Togethers
Jennifer Bingham Hull (2011)

My Family's Park-A-Day Summer Challenge
Liza Sullivan, M.A.

Children's Play is for Parents Too
Liza Sullivan (2011)

"Hummingbird Parents:" Seven Actions Parents Can Take to Reduce Risk and Still Get Their Kids Outside
Richard Louv (2011)

Building Resilience in Early Childhood: The Value of Play
Ken Ginsburg, M.D. (2012)

Nowhere to Go and All Day to Get There Days
Liza Sullivan (2012)

Creating a Creative Child
By Jennifer M. Zosh, Ph.D. & Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D

Creativity Cubed: Unblocking the Barriers to Ingenuity
By Stacey Wellman, MA

The Return of Play
By Joan Almon

BuIldIng BIrd town:
FosterIng CommunIty In the Block area

Saying Yes to Play

Ways to cultivate creative thinking:
Connections to the Reggio Emillia Approach

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