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Buy, Buy Childhood: Helping Children Resist the Lure of Today's Media and Commercial Culture
Diane Levin, Ph.D. (2008)

Children and Advertising: The Littlest Consumers
Valerie Maniscalco, Ph.D. (1993)

Children and Television: The Role of Parents and Teachers
Henry J. Gault, M.D., Child Psychiatrist (1995)

Enjoy Your Media and Use Them Wisely
Michael Rich, M.D., M.P.H. (2010)

"It Ain't the '50s Anymore:" Life for Kids in the '90s
James Garbarino, Ph.D. President of Erikson Institute (1994)

My Baby is Eight
Jennifer McManus (2006)

Nursery School Directors Hope to Loosen Power Rangers Grip
Kelley Fead (1995)

Seventeen Things To Do Between 5-6pm Besides TV
The Alliance: Practical Parenting (1995)

Teaching Toward Freedom
William Ayers, Ph.D. (2005)

Television's Role in Our Socially Toxic Environment
James Garbarino, Ph.D. President of Erikson Institute (1994)

Choosing Toys of Value
TRUCE (2009)

Affluenza: The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching and Raising Young Children in Affluent Communities
Blakely Bundy, M.Ed., & Kathy Hardy, M.Ed. (2011)

Competitive Youth Sports: It's a Balancing Act
Jenny Ryer (2012)

Technology in Our Children's Lives: How Do We Make Wise Choices?
Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed. D. (2012)

Beyond Remote-Controlled Teaching and Learning: The Special Challenges of Helping Children Construct Knowledge Today
Dr. Diane Levin (2013)

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