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Resources from Talks and Presentations


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Resource Booklet

Alex Enarson, Sol Hinami, and Kathleen Soler.  Knives, Fires, and Civilizations: Outdoor Play with Youth Ages 6 to 12.
PowerPoint Presentation

Lani Gerszonovicz.  Yoga and Mindfulness Techniques to Integrate Nature in the Classroom.
Mindfulness Techniques PowerPoint Presentation

Megan Gessler and Sarah Sheldon.  When Plundering Pirates Take Over Your Class: How to Effectively Foster and Document
Emergent Curriculum in a Nature-Based Program.
Critical Thinking Starters Handout
Fellowship Sarah Sheldon Story Acting Handout
Fellowship SS Spaces In-Between Handout


Ann Halley and Kay Knight. Nature Buddies: An Inclusive Nature Education Pilot Program.

Inclusion Doc From ISBE Handout

Resources for Inclusive Nature Education Handout

Becky Lyons and Emily Van Laan.  Squish, Roll, Build, and Explore: Ideas for Hands-On Nature Play.
Hands-On Nature Play Resource Packet

Colleen M. McVeigh.  Caterpillars and Ladybugs: Nature Around Us.
Birds I Know Handout
Bibliography For Classrooms Libraries Handout

Martha Meyer. Best New Nature Books for Your Classroom.
Best Books for Nature Play Resource Booklet

Sean Shaffer and Sarah Sheldon. Safe Tools and Techniques to Empower Kids.
Woodworking Tools for Young Woodworkers Handout

Katie Slivovsky.  Ecophobia:  How to Help Children Love Nature Before Asking Them To Save It.

Avoiding Ecophbia PowerPoint Presentation
Nature Play Do's and Don'ts Handout
Nature Play: Do's, Don'ts and Why Bother Article

What's New In Children's Literature
Power Point Presentation

2017 Preschool-Kindergarten Summit

Videos, Power Point Presentation, and Resources

2017 Networking Dinner: "Experience First" featuring Gever Tulley

Video Presentation
Power Point Presentation

5 (Dangerous) Things to Empower Your Child: The Importance of Risk-Taking Using Real Problems featuring Gever Tulley

Video Presentation


2016 Inspiring Nature Play - Climber Higher Professional Development Event: "Avoid Ecophobia: Don'ts and Do's of Age-Appropriate Nature Education"

featuring Katie Slivovsky

Video Presentation

Nature Play: Do's, Don'ts, and Why Bother Article



2016 Preschool-Kindergarten Summit

Videos, Resources, and Handouts



2016 Networking Dinner: "Gesell Institute Confirms: Development Matters"                     featuring Marcy Gudemi, PhD, MBA

For Educators:

Power Point Presentation

2014 Networking Dinner: “Early Learning in the Digital Age” featuring Dr. Chip Donohue

For Educators:
Selected Resources for Educators on Technology and the Young Child
Tech and Young Children on Social Media
Early Learning in the Digital Age


“Finding the Balance between All Tech and No Tech” featuring Dr. Chip Donohue

For Parents:
Finding the Balance Between All Tech << | >> No Tech
Selected Resources for Parents on Technology and the Young Child