ongoing community program

Let’s Play! is The Alliance for Early Childhood’s ongoing community program for families. We invite parents and caregivers to engage and interact with their children in child-directed, creative, free play through a variety of programs that are free and open to the public during the school year.

Let’s Play! Objectives

  • Bring our community together

  • Unplug and connect families to experience learning through play together

  • Provide children the opportunity to engage in child-directed free play, allowing them to follow their own instincts, ideas and interests

  • Provide opportunities for children to negotiate, collaborate and problem solve through the creative process.  

  • Engage parents in experiences with their children that build understanding of the importance of child-directed play.


Coming in September 2019 The Alliance for Early Childhood Let’s Play! Guide will highlight program offerings to our community that will take place from September 2019 to June 2020. All of our events in this guide are free and open to the public. In September 2019, this guide will be printed and distributed to member schools and available on our website.

Our Executive Director, Stefanie Maiuri, joined The New Trier Township Podcast to discuss The Alliance's Let's Play! Ongoing Community Program launching this fall. Click here to listen.