Our Mission

The Alliance for Early Childhood is a collaborative, community organization that supports and guides families and educators to nurture the healthy, well-rounded development of children from birth to eight years old.

Our Vision

As a community, we can “put the child back in childhood” and build a strong developmental foundation for our children’s lifelong learning, accomplishment, and joy.

Our Core Values

  • We believe childhood is sacred and should be protected.  

  • We promote play-based, experiential learning and inquiry.

  • We champion child agency by endorsing time for unstructured activity and discovery.

  • We honor our community and the potential it has to transform lives.

  • We treasure human interaction and the power of relationships.

  • We commit to continuous improvement and human development.

  • We embrace iteration and acknowledge the ever-adapting needs of our community.

  • We anchor our work in best practice and research.