Early childhood newsletter archives


2019 Fall/Winter
”The Powerful Feelings of Our Little Ones: How Parents and Educators Can Support Young Children’s Emotional Development”
By Jennifer Miller, M.Ed.

2019 Spring/Summer
”Parenting Young Children and Their 21st Century Brains: An Interactive Dance Between Genetics and Environment”
By Georgia Bozeday, Ed.D.

2018 Fall/Winter
”The Alliance Reimagines ScreenBreak: Our Evolution of Taking a Break from Screens”
By Stefanie Maiuri and Blakely Bundy

2018 Spring/Summer
”Saying Yes to Play”
By Rusty Keeler

2017 Fall/Winter
”Creating a Creative Child”
By Jennifer M. Zosh, Ph.D. and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Ph.D.

2017 Spring/Summer
”Going Beyond Try, Try Again”
By Hedda Sharapan, M.S. Child Development

2016 Fall/Winter
”The Importance of Being Little”
By Erika Christakis, MPH, MA, M.Ed.

2016 Spring/Summer
”Gesell Institute of Child Development Confirms: Development Matters”
By Dr. Marcy Guddemi, Ph.D., MBA

2015 Fall/Winter
”Making Sense of Math: Preparing Our Children to Love Mathematics!”
By Jennifer S. McCray, Ph.D.

2015 Spring/Summer
”Challenges Make Champions! Nurturing a Growth Mindset in Young Children”
By Georgia Bozeday, Ed.D.

2014 Fall/Winter
”The Role of Risk in Play and Learning”
By Joan Almon

2014 Spring/Summer
”Early Learning in the Digital Age: What We Know and Why It Matters”
By Chip Donohue, Ph.D.

2013 Fall/Winter
”The Common Core Standards: How Will They Impact Our Early Childhood Classrooms”
By Trisha Kocanda, MA

2013 Spring/Summer
”Beyond Remote-Controlled Teaching and Learning: The Special Challenges of Helping Children Construct Knowledge Today”
By Dr. Diane Levin

2012 Fall/Winter
”Technology in Our Children’s Lives: How Do We Make Wise Choices?”
By Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed.D.

2012 Spring/Summer
”Building Resilience in Early Childhood: The Value of Play”
By Ken Ginsburg, M.D.

2011 Fall/Winter
”Affluenza: The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching and Raising Young Children in Affluent Communities”
By Blakely Bundy, M.Ed., and Kathy Hardy, M.Ed.

2011 Spring/Summer
”Helping Children With Their Angry Feelings: What We Can Continue To Learn From Fred Rogers”
By Hedda Sharapan

2010 Fall/Winter
”School for Young Children: What Should It Really Be Like?”
By Julie Pfeffer, Ed.D.

2010 Spring/Summer
”The Wonders of Play”
By Joan Almon

2009 Fall/Winter
”Enjoy Your Media… And Use Them Wisely”
By Michael Rich, M.D., M.P.H.

2009 Spring/Summer
”Playing to Learn”
By David Elkind, Ph.D.

2008 Fall/Winter
”Significant! Remarkable! Stupendous! Helping Children Develop Large, Rich Vocabularies”
By Dr. Mary Frances Greene

2008 Spring/Summer
”Buy, Buy, Buy Childhood: Helping Children Resist the Lure of Today’s Media and Commercial Culture”
By Diane Levin, Ph.D.