Thank You For Supporting
the Alliance for Early Childhood


As a community, we can “put the child back in childhood” and build a strong developmental foundation for our children’s lifelong learning, accomplishment, and joy. Thank you for supporting The Alliance for Early Childhood.

The Alliance is a Section 501(c)(3) exempt organization for federal income tax purposes. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Donate to the Alliance

These gifts ensure we can accomplish our ambitious goals each year. We are careful stewards of your charity, and each day we are devoted to advancing the mission and vision of The Alliance.



Make a Teacher Tribute

We invite our community to recognize someone who has made an impact on the lives of children. Join us in our long-standing tradition of honoring a teacher, educator, or support staff at your school.

With each donation of $75, the Teacher Tribute honoree will receive:

  • A personalized, mailed letter from The Alliance with optional comments by the donor

  • A notification to their principal, director, or supervisor

  • Recognition on our website

  • Honor at The Alliance for Early Childhood’s Annual Networking Dinner in the fall


The Alliance Stock Donation

The Alliance welcomes gifts of appreciated stock. Stock may be transferred directly to The Alliance's account:


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